Month: November 2007

  • Amma in California

    22-26 November 2007 Amma held 5 days of programmes, including a three day retreat in her San Ramon Ashram in California. Mayor H. Abram Wilson, the mayor of the host city of San Ramon, welcomed Amma. He said: “To have her here, so that we can all have that touch and that love is beneficial…

  • Love for the goal

    November 2007, Paris During Amma’s 21st visit to Paris, there was a general train and bus strike in the city. Even though there was no public transportation, thousands upon thousands persevered and made their way to the hall. Some of them borrowed cars, some of them requested their neighbours to drive them, some of them…

  • Amma in Dublin

    13-14 November 2007, Dublin Amma held two days of programmes in Dublin, Ireland. This marked the 4th year Amma has visited the country. The famous Irish Band “Kila” returned for the second year to play for Amma. Indian Ambassador H.E. Mr. Saurbh Kumar garlanded Amma and welcomed Her to Ireland. Rachel Porter, a writer for…

  • Amma in Paris

    Amma in Paris

    16-18 November 2007 Amma held three days of programmes in Paris. The Indian Ambassador to France, H.E. Mr. Ranjan Mathai, as well as the Mauritius Ambassador to France, H.E. Ms. Indira Thacoor-Sidaya both came to receive Amma’s blessings. Marc Vella, a famous French piano player, performed on stage for Amma.

  • Love and Om

    Love and Om

    Paris, France — 17 November , Europe Yatra 2007 Francis, the man who drives Amma when she is in Paris, has been a devotee of Amma since she first began visiting Paris more than 20 years ago. This year it was very cold when Amma was in Paris. Some nights it got down to -9…

  • Amma in Manheim, Germany

    Amma in Manheim, Germany

    9 -11 November 2007, Manheim, Germany – Europe Yatra 2007 When Amma arrived, she was greeted by devotees waving sparklers in celebration of Diwali – the Festival of Lights. During the program, a young artist played the harp. Several delegates and diplomats came to receive Amma’s blessings. A local group played a mix Indian Classical…

  • Deepavali 2007

    Deepavali at Amritapuri.

  • Amma in Barcelona, Spain

    Amma in Barcelona, Spain

    5 -7 November 2007, Barcelona, Spain — Europe yatra 2007 Local devotees welcomed Amma with a cake – marking the tenth anniversary of Amma’s visit to their city. World-renowned cello player Lluis Claret and his family performed for Amma. After receiving darshan he commented, ‘I felt immediately a great great inside peace and serenity. That’s…