Amma in California

22-26 November 2007

Amma held 5 days of programmes, including a three day retreat in her San Ramon Ashram in California.

Mayor H. Abram Wilson, the mayor of the host city of San Ramon, welcomed Amma.
He said: “To have her here, so that we can all have that touch and that love is beneficial to everyone.”

Mayor Michael Shimansky, the Mayor of Danville, a nearby city, also garlanded Amma and said: “I am hoping that some day will also get the Nobel Peace Prize.”

The second day of programmes fell on Thanksgiving. Amma gave a special satsang on the meaning of Thankfulness.

Amma said “Thankfulness is an internal attitude. Real “Thanksgiving” is to accept all external duality and realize that the inner essence of everything is one. Gratitude is not liking the deer and disliking the lion. Real “Thanksgiving” is to understand the calm nature of the deer and the fierce nature of the lion, and at the same time, recognize and accept the Divine Power, which gives consciousness to both these animals.”