Love for the goal

November 2007, Paris
During Amma’s 21st visit to Paris, there was a general train and bus strike in the city. Even though there was no public transportation, thousands upon thousands persevered and made their way to the hall. Some of them borrowed cars, some of them requested their neighbours to drive them, some of them took taxis and some simply hitch-hiked. Their love for, and dedication to, Amma was such that they were prepared to do whatever was necessary. The traffic was incredible. To  reach the hall, even driving short distances took several hours. However, the devotees were clear regarding their goal: they wanted to see Amma and were willing to do whatever was necessary to do so. They exhibited great patience and forbearance.

Love for Amma, helped them to sacrifice and attained their goal. Similarly, in life, when we have a great love for the goal, we will be able to endure the hardships on the way.

watch photos from France.