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Life blooms anew in Tsunami victims

6 September 2006, Amritapuri Some of the mothers in the villages around Amritapuri who lost children in the 2004 tsunami had previously undergone tubal ligation as a form of permanent contraception. When Amma learned that these women lost their young children and could no longer conceive, and that they were in such despair to the […]

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More payasam?

6 September 2006 — Amritapuri The day after Onam, a young man went for Amma’s darshan. As he approached Amma, he handed her a small note written in Malayalam. Amma took it from his hands and began reading aloud Amma, I will tell you an experience from yesterday. The payasam from the Onam feast was […]

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Forget all differences and make life joyful

Amma Celebrates Tiru Onam 5 September 2006 — Amritapuri “All of you know stories about Onam and Mahabali {story}. There is no point in repeating them. But there is an important message behind the Onam celebrations,” Amma told the 10,000-plus devotees who’d come to Amritapuri in order to celebrate Tiru Onam. Amma then explained how […]


Destruction makes way for Creation

Amritapuri, 4 September 2006 What is created eventually gets destroyed.  What is born eventually has to die.  This is the wisdom of the scriptures, and what has been happening right here in Amritapuri.   Nothing is permanent. At any given moment, Amma may request that an old structure should be torn down to make way for […]

Ganesha Chaturthi

Ganapati bapa moriya

Amritapuri, 2 September 2006 Hundreds of Ashramites, students, and villagers gathered in the courtyard in front of the Main Temple at four this afternoon to participate in the final celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi {news} – Ganesha Visarjan, or the immersion of Ganesh in the ocean.   On one side of the courtyard, the Ashram elephants Ram […]

Celebration Ganesha Chaturthi Onam

Everyday a celebration

Amritapuri, 1 September 2006 During the past few days, the Ashram has been buzzing with celebrations surrounding Ganesh Chaturthi and Onam.  While each morning has seen a new Pookkalam (flower design) created for Onam by students of  Amrita University,  the  evenings have been resounding with bhajans being sung at the Kalari in honor of Ganesh. […]