More payasam?

6 September 2006 — Amritapuri

The day after Onam, a young man went for Amma’s darshan. As he approached Amma, he handed her a small note written in Malayalam. Amma took it from his hands and began reading aloud

I will tell you an experience from yesterday. The payasam from the Onam feast was very good. I felt to take a second cup. But as I was about to go for a second serving, I remembered the poster on the wall near the Accommodation Office:
“Don’t increase your desires. Don’t live like a beggar. Reduce your desires and then live like a king.” —Amma
Therefore I decided not to take a second serving of payasam.

Amma, thank you so much for this Onam present.

Amma laughed, a big smile lighting up her face. She then took the young man into her arms and squeezed him lovingly, shining with a mother’s pride.