Month: July 2006

  • Go beyond the mind

    Go beyond the mind

    July 31, 2006 — Amritapuri Amma had been giving darshan in North America for two months. Regardless, the day after her return to Amritapuri, she promptly came to the temple to give her first meditation and question-and-answer session with the ashram residents. When Amma is in Amritapuri, the brahmacharins and householder devotees who live here…

  • Ashram alive again

    Ashram alive again

    30 July 2006, Amritapuri Amma returned to Amritapuri on Sunday, July 30th, 2006, after the recent Japan-North America yatra. She arrived at about 10:45 a.m., bringing smiles, laughter and tears of joy to the faces of Her children who had gathered to welcome Amma. In the throng of devotees were freshmen of the Amrita University…

  • Amma is making our world a better place

    Amma is making our world a better place

    23 July 2006 — Richmond Hill, Ontario Dr. Ruby Dhalla, Member of Parliament for the riding of Brampton-Springdale, welcomed Amma to Canada for the second time. Dr. Dhalla, who is the youngest women to have ever been elected to the Canadian Parliament, began by saying that she was honoured to be in the presence of…

  • We welcome the dance of the holy mother

    We welcome the dance of the holy mother

    19 July 2006 — Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA Amma was welcomed to her programs in Marlborough, Massachusetts by Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, holder of the Ywahoo lineage and chief of the Green Mountain Ani Yunwiwa. Trained by her grand parents, she is the 27th generation to carry the ancestral wisdom of the Ywahoo lineage. “Mother Wisdom is…

  • Amma visits New York 2006

    Amma visits New York 2006

    Amma visited NY from 14-16 July 2006.  

  • Blast the message of love

    Blast the message of love

    11 July 2006 — McLean Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, USA During each of Amma’s programs, Amma has those gathered pray for the peace and happiness of everyone in the world. And in almost all of Amma’s talks, she recalls the seemingly endless list of tragedies—both natural and man-made—that the world is facing. Yesterday added yet another:…

  • Diminishing distances

    Diminishing distances

    Guru Purnima in Amritapuri 10 July 2006, Amritapuri For many years now, residents of Amritapuri have been celebrating Guru Purnima in the Guru’s physical absence. This is because Amma is usually in the U.S. during that time of the year. Amma usually calls though, and hearing Her soulful voice is the day’s highlight for ashram…

  • Guru Poornima in Iowa 2006

    Guru Poornima in Iowa 2006

    Guru Poornima with Amma took place this year in Iowa, during Amma’s annual USA tour. Amma giving prasad after the Guru Poornima celebrations:

  • A symbol and promoter of peace

    A symbol and promoter of peace

    2 July 2006 — Addison, Texas, USA On 2nd July in Addison, Texas, Amma was officially welcomed by the town’s mayor, Joe Chow. Mayor Chow has in fact welcomed Amma to Addison for several years now. “Amma has done so much for the world, not only India,” he said. “She is a symbol of peace.…