A symbol and promoter of peace

Amma in Chicago
Amma in Chicago

2 July 2006 — Addison, Texas, USA

On 2nd July in Addison, Texas, Amma was officially welcomed by the town’s mayor, Joe Chow. Mayor Chow has in fact welcomed Amma to Addison for several years now. “Amma has done so much for the world, not only India,” he said. “She is a symbol of peace. It is not a religion that she preaches; it is her love to the world.”

5 July 2006 — Chicago, Illinois, USA

On the evening of Amma’s first day in the Chicago area, Amma was garlanded by Illinois State Representative Patricia R. Belloch. Delivering a few words of welcome on behalf of State Senator Dillard and Illinois Governor Blagojevich, Representative Belloch said, “We are honoured to have such a wonderful humanitarian and spiritual leader in our midst.” Then, after enumerating some of Amma’s humanitarian activities, Representative Belloch declared “Amma’s main mission is to promote peace and harmony through her words and works. It is an honour to be here and to get a hug.”