Amma is making our world a better place

Amma with Dr. Ruby Dhalla
Amma with Dr. Ruby Dhalla

23 July 2006 — Richmond Hill, Ontario

Dr. Ruby Dhalla, Member of Parliament for the riding of Brampton-Springdale, welcomed Amma to Canada for the second time. Dr. Dhalla, who is the youngest women to have ever been elected to the Canadian Parliament, began by saying that she was honoured to be in the presence of Amma, not only as an MP and on behalf of the Government, but as also as an individual.

“To be able to come in the presence of Amma and to be blessed by her, I think is truly one of life’s most memorable moments,” Dr. Dhalla said before the packed hall in Richmond Hill, Ontario, just outside of Toronto.

After garlanding Amma and presenting her with a memento from the Canadian Government, Dr. Dhalla talked about her experience when she first welcomed Amma to Canada in 2004.

“Even as an individual who has always believed and God and believed in spirituality and in the importance of having those values inside of you, I really did not know much about Amma. So in 2004, it was really my first opportunity to meet Amma and had opportunity to make a presentation with my newly elected title. And I can tell you that visiting Amma, … I was truly, truly touched. And throughout the last two years, I have the first picture that I ever took with Amma up on my wall.”

Dr. Dhalla continued, “I think Amma has been the source of inspiration and the source of hope to not only Canadians here in Canada, but so many people throughout the world.

“And just recently I visited India, and I can tell you I was quite taken aback by the number of billboards that display Amma’s pictures, by the number of schools and the number of organizations that speak so highly of the great work that Amma and all the people that are devoted to her and follow her throughout the world [are doing].

“And I can definitely tell you that she is making our world a better place, by touching people and giving them the hope, the inspiration and the empowerment.

“So, Amma, we welcome you to Canada. We hope that you continue to come back and bless the children of Canada and the children throughout the world to create a peaceful, prosperous and happier society where there is more love and more compassion. … We wish you well, and we hope that you continue to provide all of us with hope, guidance, love and empowerment. Thank you so much.”