Free Housing Tsunami

Festival at Edachira

House Building with Love and Compassion 11 December 2005 — Edachira, Alappad Panchayat, Kollam District, Kerala For the past few weeks, the scene across the backwaters from the tiny island of Edachira has been something of a festival, as both villagers and residents of Amritapuri have been working together to help build homes for the […]

Around Amma 2005 University

Helping the students to fully blossom

December 9, 2005 — Amritapuri When the professors from the United States took their seats, the first thing Amma asked them was if they were tired. Indeed, they had been on a whirlwind schedule: first to Delhi where they signed the MoU regarding the Indo-US e-Learning initiative, then to the Coimbatore campus of Amrita University […]

Disaster Relief

One million dollar for Katrina victims

08 Dec 2005, New York Swami Ramakrishnananda and Brahmachari Dayamrita Chaitanya representing the M.A. Center met former US President Bill Clinton on 8th December 2005 in his offices in Harlem, New York City, where they handed over the check of one million dollars for the Hurricane Katrina relief. The donation is one of the largest […]


President Kalam addresses students of e-Learning

8 December 2005 — Amritapuri“Today is an important day in the annals of Indo-US academic cooperation,” said President Kalam over the EduSat satellite. His Excellency was addressing students and professors participating in a newly formed Indo-US e-Learning project wherein lectures given by top U.S. professors visiting Amrita University will be broadcast via an ISRO satellite […]

Research University

Indo-US inter-university collaborative initiative

Higher education & research at Amrita University 7 December 2005 — Delhi Today, 15 leading U.S. Universities—including Harvard, Yale and Princeton—joined the triumvirate of Amrita University, the Indian Space Research Organization and the Department of Science & Technology of the Government of India in a project to enhance higher education and research in India. Representatives […]

Around Amma 2005 Meditation Satsang

For 6000 euros, could you hatch an egg?

December 5, 2005 – Amritapuri “If someone were to say to you, ‘I will give you 6,000 euros if you can hatch this egg for me right now,’ would you be able to do it?” Amma asked. “Or what if they were to give you a flower bud and then tell you that they will […]

Around Amma 2005 Europe 2005

Time freezes in the snow with Amma

December 1, 2005 — Kirchbrombach, Odenwald, Germany After two months of touring Europe and America, Amma was finally on her way back to Amritapuri. But as Amma’s return trip home included a one-night stop in Germany, she was able to stop at the same horse ranch in Odenwald that she had visited two months earlier. […]