Month: January 2003

  • IAM Technique meditation in Helsinki

    16 – 18 January 2003 — Helsinki, Finland It was to our Finnish friends in the north of Europe that Bri. Dipamrita went to give Amma’s IAM Technique meditation teaching. The retreat took place in a lovely school in Helsinki, with snow generously present in a countryside that seemed to be emerging from a fairy…

  • What is special about the Bhavani river?

    What is special about the Bhavani river?

    This is a sacred place; it is a place of pilgrimage where many devotees and sadhaks have made offerings and done spiritual practices, and it has been visited and blessed by many mahatmas.

  • Geneva comes to Chennai

    Geneva comes to Chennai

    16 January 2003, Chennai Throughout the four days of programmes in Chennai, Amma’s devotees there had been asking Her if they could see the video of Her speech in Geneva in the original Malayalam. Now it is the end of the last program in Chennai: five a.m. and darshan is over; people crowd near and…

  • Devotion & Discipline

    Devotion & Discipline

    12 Jan 2003, en route to Chennai “Upanishad” means literally “to sit at the feet of” When one imagines the dialogues in the Upanishads, one can almost see the disciples seated humbly at the feet of the Master, gathered under a gigantic tree in full bloom. Such was the scene two days ago when, en…

  • Housing colony in Rameswaram

    Housing colony in Rameswaram

    10 January 2003, Rameswaram Amma’s programme at this legendary island off the eastern coast of India is being held at Her newly constructed housing colony here. Part of Amma’s Amrita Kuteeram project, keys to 108 new homes, were given to homeless families this evening in a special ceremony. Sri Vidya Sagar Rao, The Honourable Minister…

  • What is she doing after darshan?

    What is she doing after darshan?

    8 January 2003, Sivakasi Do you ever wonder what Amma does after finishing darshan? In Sivakasi, after finishing darshan, Amma headed straight for Anbu Illam, Her care home for the elderly located there. She reached the place at 4.30. Even at that late hour, She took time to greet the residents who had been eagerly…

  • She is still smiling

    She is still smiling

    8 Jan 2003,Sivakasi Last night in Sivakasi, on Her way to the stage, Amma made Her way through the crowd with a brilliant smile; Her pure white sari shining just as brightly. When She left the stage over nine hours later, the shoulder of her sari was stained a dark rust-red—the residue of Her children’s…

  • The fireworks bellow

    The fireworks bellow

    2 January 2003, Thiruvananthapuram Amma arrived in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) this evening. Panchavadyam (traditional festival music of Kerala using drums, cymbals and horns) musicians loudly trumpeted the arrival of the Goddess, while fireworks boomed overhead. Meanwhile the real fireworks were going on below as Amma made Her way through teeming throngs of devotees who have been…