IAM Technique meditation in Helsinki

16 – 18 January 2003 — Helsinki, Finland

It was to our Finnish friends in the north of Europe that Bri. Dipamrita went to give Amma’s IAM Technique meditation teaching. The retreat took place in a lovely school in Helsinki, with snow generously present in a countryside that seemed to be emerging from a fairy tale.

Children had scarcely left the school before 140 people arrived to receive the meditation initiation.

The site was quickly made fit for the session. An altar to Amma was erected, and sound and video systems complete with a big video screen were installed in the gymnasium where the courses took place. Classrooms were converted in dormitories, the needed food was arranged in the kitchen, and the dining room, where it was easy to feel the presence of the usual school children, was clear and spacious.

At 6:30 pm bhajans began with great enthusiasm. Participants came from all over Finland, even from as far as the Polar circle, defying bad weather, cold and snow. It was in an atmosphere of fervour and concentration that Bri. Dipamrita opened the session at 9:00 pm Friday night, with a Finnish devotee helping out with the translation.

Everybody that was asked agreed that the two days of the teaching were intense and rich. They were thankful and faces were illuminated by that special, beautiful smile that we can only see in Amma’s blessing presence.