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Amma’s Birthday Celebrations 2001

6 October, 2001 Radiating divine bliss and peace to all humanity, the birthday celebrations of Mata Amritanandamayi Devi were held in the Amritapuri Ashram on 6 October, 2001, in a festive atmosphere of fervent devotion, exuberant joy and deep gratitude. The beautifully decorated Ashram was filled to overflowing with devotees from around the world, who […]

Around Amma 2001 Birthday

Amritanandamayi Jayanthi Jalotsav

5 October, 2001 Racing boats cruising through the water, paddles splashing vigorously, sending droplets flying through the air like silver beads, and tumultuous cheers by thousands of viewers lining either shore of the Kayamkulam backwaters, transported the villages of Vallickavu and Parayakadavu into a great mood of gaiety and festivity. After prayers for invoking God’s […]

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Amma’s visit to Europe: Barcelona

5 – 7 November, 2001 Newspaper interview with Amma in Barcelona. The interviewer commented that Amma has come to Spain, which is a bastion of Christianity. Amma replied that She has not come to convert people but help them to delve deeper into their own religion. The devotees gathered in the stadium for Amma’s satsang […]

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Work as Worship

A man was travelling in a bus one day. He was amazed at the behaviour of the bus conductor. The conductor was very relaxed and smiled at everyone as he dealt with them. He always rang the bell at the right time, so that the bus would stop at the right places. And when the […]

Health Care

First Kidney transplant at Amrita hosptial

Amrita Institute has been recognised by the Kerala Government, Human Organ Transplant Act 1995, for performing both live donor and cadaveric renal transplantations. The programme assimilates the most modern technology for the benefit of our patients. The first kidney transplant at Amrita was performed by on 4th September, 2001. The patient’s mother had donated one […]