Glorious past looks for inspiration from Amma


From 25 – 27 May 2010
Br. Shubamrita Chaitanya visited Greece. Public programmes were held in the capital Athens and the islands Syros and Mykonos.

The event in Athens was held in the centrally located Athens Gate Hotel and the hall was packed to the capacity. The audience was very keen on learning more about Amma’s life, message and teachings. Even though most of the audience was newcomers, they whole-heartedly participated in every aspect of the programme, and were so spontaneous in singing chorus for the bhajans.


The following day Br. Shubamrita visited the island Syros, where the programme was held in the cultural centre right at the harbour. A large crowd came to attend the evening talk, meditation and bhajan. Due to the unexpected number of guests many had to be seated on the stage and corridors, making it a real cosy event. Br. Shubamrita’s visit was interviewed by the Aigean TV in Syros for more than half an hour that was aired repeatedly on several days.

The last programme was on the island Mykonos, which has become known as one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations due to its uniquely picturesque landscape and architecture. The programme in the city hall therefore attracted both local residents as well as tourists to the island.


Many Greeks who attended the various programmes said that in Amma’s teachings they found valuable advice on how to deal with the economic challenge that the country currently faces. The most important step, they say, is to be aware that the values that the Greek society had from its glorious past does not erode, and Amma’s message comes as a welcome inspiration in that direction.

Br. Shubamrita’s visit to Greece was complimented with two Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique courses taught by Dayalu, an ashram resident, one in Evia near Athens and one on Mykonos.

– Nath