Amma bestows blessings on Shadadhara Pratishta

Amma conducting a puja

14 Dec 2023, Amritapuri Ashram

In a touching display of devotion and community support, Amma graced a simple ceremony at the ashram to bestow blessings on the Shadadhara Shakti Peetham for the Pratishta of Lord Vishnu at Kuzhithura Sri Krishna Temple.

Local devotees, passionately involved in the temple’s renovation, received Amma’s guidance and support during a simple yet spiritually significant ceremony.

Amma conducting a puja in Amritapuri

Following her customary traditions, Amma conducted a simple puja to sanctify the renovation effort, extending her divine blessings to the entire community initiative.

The village ladies, adorned in traditional dresses, added a touch of cultural richness to the occasion. Holding ‘talappoli’ lamps in their plates, they joined in the procession to carry the sacred Shakti Peetham to the temple.

Amma performing a puja in Amritapuri

The atmosphere resonated with the melodic chanting of ‘Hare Rama’ as the villagers, carried the Shakti Peetham to its destination.

What adds a poignant layer to this scene is the villagers’ profound respect and admiration for Amma, who shares the same birthplace.