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Amma in Talassery

10, 11 Feb — BharataYatra 2010

Amma arrived in Talassery the evening of February 9th, to conduct the annual Brahmasthanam festival. As usual, Amma gave Satsang and sang bhajans in both the morning and evening programs. The stage background was decorated with a colorful photo of the Kali, ‘Bhavatarini’, as seen at the Amritapuri temple.

The second day of programs was the day before Shivaratri {news}. During the Shani Puja worship, at the end, Amma said, ‘Shivaratri is not only tomorrow. Actually, every day should become Shivaratri. Simply keeping awake and forgoing sleep is not enough. We have to awaken to that state (Shiva). We need to gain awareness in our thoughts, words, and deeds. Then everyday becomes Shivaratri.’

Scholarships for children were also distributed by Amma, as part of the ‘Vidyamritam’ free educational scholarship scheme. Children from Amma’s schools,  ‘Amrita Vidyalayam’, came from five different cities and offered cultural performances. The main performances included martial arts shows, traditional and modern dancing, and dramas.

Many people who came to the program at Talaserry have been devotees for many years. The brahmasthanam temple was consecrated by Amma herself in 1999.  Amma has been giving programs here since 1985.

As darshan ended, around 4’o clock in the morning, standing near her darshan seat, Amma sang the Punjabi bhajan ‘Mata Rani’. Commemorating the day of the Shivaratri, Amma sang another song ‘Bolo bolo sab mil bolo Om Namah Sivaya’. For about half an hour, as Amma sang, the whole crowd became jubilant and joined in this special celebration. To most there,  it was a celebration with that True Auspiciousness that is known as Shiva.