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Compassion Never Rests: Amma’s Visit to Talassery,

27-28 Feb Talassery, Kerala – 2017 Bharata Yatra Darshan was nearing its end in the late morning hours in Udupi. Amma had been up all night giving her blessings to the swaths of devotees that had arrived to share in the bliss of her company. Birds fluttered about and the devotees scrambled in anticipation of the […]

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Amma in Talassery

10, 11 Feb — BharataYatra 2010 Amma arrived in Talassery the evening of February 9th, to conduct the annual Brahmasthanam festival. As usual, Amma gave Satsang and sang bhajans in both the morning and evening programs. The stage background was decorated with a colorful photo of the Kali, ‘Bhavatarini’, as seen at the Amritapuri temple. […]

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A night of laughter

Bharata Yatra 2004 Friday, 13 February 2004 — Talassery, Kerala Talassery is a small fishing community where you can always see kids playing football and fishermen mending nets on the shore. Amma’s relatively small ashram there is just across the road from the beach. It was built six years ago. Amma installed a Brahmasthanam temple […]