Around Amma 2020 Satsang

Everything has its own place in this creation

Amma sees salt as salt and sugar as sugar, even though they look identical. Similarly, she accepted the residents who wanted to join the ashram just as they are.


Devotion is not running away from duties

Turning a blind eye to those standing before us, without consoling them lovingly, is not devotion.

Sadhana Symbolism

Amma on Lord Shiva

This is a select collection of sayings on Lord Shiva taken from Amma’s messages, talks and books. Some believe that Lord Shiva is at Kashi alone or Lord Krishna is only in Brindavan. Dear children, do not think that God is confined to the four walls of a temple or a place. He is omnipotent […]

Around Amma

Creation: The divine joke

19 December 2005 — Amrita University, Coimbatore When Amma stopped for lunch at the Coimbatore campus of Amrita University on her way to Nagapattinam, she started off by asking people to tell jokes. “Whether we smile or cry, life is still going to keep passing by, so why not smile,” Amma said. After a few […]