Amma a beacon in a world which faces huge challenges

October 22-23, Copenhagen, Denmark – Europe Yatra 2019

Amma arrived in Copenhagen after a long journey by road from Winterthur. Despite the late hour of her arrival, Amma’s path was line by the bright faces of her Danish children, who were overjoyed that Amma had come again just one year after her first visit. The program was held in the renowned stadium, Brondby Hallen.

Amma was welcomed to Denmark by Mr. Ajit Gupte, Indian Ambassador to Denmark and by Ms. Camella Bruckner, Director of United Nations Development Programme, Nordic Region, and renowned journalist, author and politician, Paula Larrain.

UNDP Director Bruckner spoke of the importance of Amma’s work in realizing the United Nations’s goals. “Just like Amma’s organization, the UNDP works across multiple tracks, and is working to realize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. But we cannot do this alone. That is why I am greatly encouraged by Amma’s efforts, her generosity, and the extraordinary work done through Embracing the World. Let us seize the moment, the exact presence of Amma, to reach the UN’s 2030 goals – both for people and plant.”

Ms. Larrain, who came to Denmark as a refugee at the age of four years old, offered her perspective on the importance of Amma’s message for a world torn apart by conflict and strife: “Amma is changing the world not by fighting, not by shouting or igniting anger at the injustices of the world, but by the exact opposite – by repeating the message of compassion, by giving hope and sharing your infinite love with everyone who comes to you – by literally embracing the world. Amma, your embrace made me see clearer. It made me see stronger, and I am eternally grateful for that. I wish that your love will flow to everyone present here today, and that more would follow your heart and your example. Thank you so much.”

Mr. Gupte said reflected on Amma as a light for the world: “Amma has emerged as a beacon in a world which faces huge challenges, from war to terrorism to natural disasters. Amidst all this, Amma offers hope to millions of people around the world. Likewise Amma has awakened empathy within millions. Amma motivates us to put aside our selfish desires and work selflessly for the improvement of society.”

As the local organizers thanked Amma for returning to Denmark, the assembled crowd’s voices welled up as one with a Danish song of gratitude for Amma’s love. Waving the flags of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, they sang together:

Call it love
Just call it whatever you feel
There are no words
No words that really express this feeling
So call it whatever you feel

In her address, Amma spoke of the importance of valuing the people in our lives more than the devices in our hands: “Most people live in a virtual world. If we cannot give our family members even a small part of the attention we give our gadgets, then what is the meaning of family? For many people, relationships have become confined to the numbers in the phone. We no longer value seeing each other face to face.

“When our relationships with the world are defined solely through machines, we pawn our very consciousness to the unconscious machine. We should use machines and love people. We must never allow the hallmark of our society to become ‘Use people and love machines.’”