India’s first double hand transplant patients to embrace productive social life

It’s been more than a year since India’s first double hand transplant surgery done at Amrita Hospital ! 
A momentous meeting was held for felicitating the victims of the transplant as they are leaving the hospital.

Manu and Abdul Rahim had showcased excellent results and continue to do so. The non-surgical treatment took around one year which helped them to regain their normal life, Moreover the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation team laid an immense support and care to overcome their struggles.


As both of them are back into their productive social life, Manu has been absorbed as a Transplant Assistant at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Abdul Rahim will join back to Afghan army next week. A doctor came down from Kabul and had a discussion with the team for a week and is very much enthusiastic to take care of Abdul at his workplace.

Swami Poornamritananda Puri graced the occasion and handed over the appointment order to Manu and blessing plaque to Abdul Rahim.