Shivaratri is a celebration of sacrifice

7 March 2016, Amritapuri

Shivaratri was celebrated in the Ashram with a lot of devotion and faith. Amma held an additional midnight bhajan session and sang many Shiva bhajans. She asked everyone to stand up and dance to the tune of “Shiva Shiva Shambo, Hara Hara Hara Shambo…”. Amma also danced to the tune of Baduga music and danced with the little ones on the stage.


In her Shivaratri message, Amma said” Shivaratri is a celebration of sacrifice, dispassion and renunciation. Shivaratri teaches us to abandon all other thoughts in contemplation of God and to realize the ultimate purpose of human life.


“Human beings are very attached to food and sleep. We will never give them up that easily. Only when we are attached to a higher love will we be ready to give up food and sleep. On Sivaratri day, we try to awaken this higher love for the Supreme within, thus observing a fast, and keeping vigil at night. Let Divine grace take us beyond all sense of duality and make us one with the Supreme.

“The real consecration of God should take place in our heart. It is not enough if it is done outside. Our mind should become pure. It should become filled with love and devotion. It should become one-pointed and filled with awareness. Our mind should become a fertile soil in which all virtues can grow. If this happens, God will automatically shine within.


“May the light of knowledge dispel the darkness of ignorance in everyone. May all my children gain awareness of unity and become beneficial to the world. Instead of thinking what we have gained, let us think what we can give. Only when we give to society, do we really gain. The one who removes thorns from others path spreads flowers in his own path. Let the flowers of selflessness bloom in my children. May Grace protect us all. ” Amma concluded.

The ecstatic bhajans of Amma set the mood of the bhajans for the rest of the night, keeping awake and waiting for the Lord to shine within.