Sivaratri leads us to bliss, oneness with God

11 March, 2021 – Shivaratri celebrations, Amritpuri Excerpts from Amma’s message on Shivaratri Sivaratri is the night that gives us supreme auspiciousness. Sivaratri is a celebration that combines spiritual austerities, renunciation, fasting, devotion and knowledge. By worshipping Lord Siva through all of these, we attain supreme auspiciousness. This means becoming one with God. Lord Siva […]

Around Amma 2020 Festivals Messages of Amma

When we renounce the heaviest burden of our ego, we will rise to the plane of Shiva

Lord Shiva is the supreme bliss and complete perfection of that ego-renunciation. Shivaratri is the knowledge ‘I am that perfection’.

Around Amma 2019 India 2019

Why do people cry in front of Amma?

when I got hugged, I also cried…We know why we cry. All we want is to be accepted and that is what this embrace is.

Around Amma 2008 Messages of Amma

Transform our life into Siva

When the mind is completely dissolved, Self-knowledge dawns and the realisation of “Shivoham” happens

Around Amma 2017 India 2017

Mystery of Life is Lord Shiva

Life is a beginning-less and endless river, constantly flowing and changing.

Around Amma 2016 Festivals

Shivaratri is a celebration of sacrifice

Shivaratri teaches us to abandon all other thoughts in contemplation of God

Messages of Amma

Keep the head cool, heart warm

When many thousands of people remember the Divine with a one-pointed mind, perform actions dedicated to God, and engage in worship, the very environment becomes pure.

Around Amma Celebration Messages of Amma

Amma won’t let you sleep

God is watching over you 365 days a year. Shivaratri is the one night wherein we are asked to sacrifice and watch over God, taking a vow of fasting and maintain vigil at night

Around Amma Celebration Yatra

The dance of Nataraja: Shivaratri in Pune

Dance, trying to see yourself as your ishta-devata.


Sivaratri – meaning and significance

Shiva is the Supreme Consciousness that illuminates the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep.