AIDS Hospice inaugurated

25 Sept 2003, Kochi

An AIDS Hospice was inaugurated  during the Amritavarsham50 Celebrations at Kochi by Mr.Murali Manohar Joshi, Hon. Union Minister for Human Resource Development. Sri T.N.Chathurvedi, His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka and Smt. K.R. Gouri, Minister of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala, were also present.

In his inaugural speech, Dr. Joshi expressed Amma’s greatness by saying, “We are fortunate enough to live in that century when a divine personality like Amma is moving about the globe. Divinity is manifested in the person of Amma. The Indian concept of Jagadamba [Mother of the Universe] is what Amma embodies.”

Dr. Joshi also mentioned the various services rendered by the M.A.Math, providing all basic necessities for the needy, covering health, housing, hunger and education. “While the governments lag behind in providing these facilities, Amma has worked wonders. Amma’s service to the entire humanity is fast expanding, and is wholehearted and selfless. She expects nothing in return. Divinity Herself has come to help humanity. With the starting of this hospice, She has taken care of AIDS patients, and now She is worried about the trafficking of women and children.” He concluded his speech by saying that Amma is determined to remove all forms of suffering.

The AIDS Hospice is functioning at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.