Amma in Finnish upper primary textbooks

21 september 2003, Amritapuri

Finnish textbook featuring Amma

Amma is featured in a new textbook of World Religions for 6th to 8th grade students in Finland. At the end of the section on Hinduism, under the title Hinduism in Finland, there is a picture of Amma giving darshan.

She is smiling in the picture. The caption for the picture reads, “Amma is a saint from India who has hundreds and thousands of followers. To help poor and needy people is important for Her. She last visited Finland in September 2002.”
Official recognition–that Amma is a Hindu saint—is indicated by the State’s Education Institution which has approved the information to be included in the school textbook. Devotees in Finland are of the opinion that this picture of Amma will awaken interest in many children.