Amma Arrives

Amma Arrives at Amritavarsham50 Stadium

23 September 2003

Amma arrived at the Amritavarsham50 stadium to the cheers of thousands of devotees

Months of preparation, thousands of hours offered selflessly by thousands of self-sacrificing people, and a contagious spirit of celebration from the very instant the idea arose—all of it was for this one moment. The devotees and disciples had spent days and nights in service to their beloved Amma, clearing the roads around the stadium for Her, cutting the high grass for Her, cleaning and rebuilding the drainage lines for Her. No labour, however strenuous or tedious, was overlooked. They were preparing to receive She who every day, every second, receives them. And though it was a demanding effort, one saw only smiles amidst the sweat, for Amma’s children knew that Her arrival at the stadium was approaching, and that it would be worth it. And it was.

Amma came.

No doubt, Amritavarsham50—with its universally vital message, the range and caliber of its dignitaries, the international press coverage and increased scope of Amma’s charitable activities—had a strong social and spiritual impact on the world. However, for many of of those who had been sweating for months to make it happen, it was mostly about this moment: Amma was there now, celebrating with them.

Amma did not come with the purpose of celebrating Her birthday, for Amma has no interest in such things. She came and graced Her children with Her divine presence solely because it was another opportunity to serve Her children, another opportunity to serve and uplift humankind, bringing them back to their True Divine Self.

As Amma’s car turned into the stadium grounds, some onlookers enthusiastically waved, others reverently offered pranams and bowed their heads. Each welcomed Amma in their own way. But the reason for their happiness and devotion was clear: Amma was there.