Our hearts must overflow with Love

20 – 21 April, Palakkad, Kerala – Bharata Yatra 2009

Amma held a two-day Brahmasthanam Festival here. Amma’s ashram in Pallakad is in a picturesque location, nestled among coconut palms and rice fields, the mountains of the Western Ghats rising impassively in the distant horizon. On both days, the ashram was filled to overflowing as Amma shared brief but tender moments with the thousands of devotees who came to receive her blessing.

Amma in Palakkad

During the first evening program, 100 children received  Amma’s Vidyamritam educational scholarship.

Renowned Malayalam film director Shri. A.K. Lohidas was on hand to share his thoughts on the power of Amma’s love. “Amma’s compassion is like a magnet. When we receive this magnetic power, our hearts overflow with love. This overflowing should not stop. It should continue—share it with someone else. I believe sharing like that is Amma’s greatest goal.”

On the second evening, Amma personally led the devotees through the Sani Puja, along with her satsang, bhajan and guided meditation. So many devotees came for the puja that the place settings even spilled out onto the adjacent driveways leading in to the ashram. Most could see Amma either directly or on one of the many closed-circuit TVs provided for the occasion. Those that could not see either closed their eyes and sat peacefully immersed in the blissful atmosphere pervading the entire grounds as they listened to Amma’s words of wisdom, the sound of her chanting sacred mantras for their upliftment, and the sweet sound of her voice leading one and all in bhajans.