Silent Song of Amma’s Love in Trissur

23 – 24 April, Trissur – Bharata Yatra 2009

Amma held a two-day Brahmasthanam Festival here in Trissur. The Brahmasthanam Temple is situated on a plot of land that also includes ASHIS, Amma’s school for the speech- and hearing-impaired, along with an Amrita Vidyalayam school and a Working Women’s Hostel.

On the first evening, a special function included invited guests famous singer Shri. P. Jayachandran, dance maestro Smt. Kalamandalam Kshemavati,  Shri. T. Ramakrishnan, MLA and renowned writer Smt. K.B. Devi. More than 100 children took the stage to receive educational scholarships as part of the Vidyamritam project.  Shri. T. Ramakrishnan presented each child with their first cheque, and Amma embraced each one. Gathered together shoulder to shoulder, facing out toward the audience with hope sparkling in their eyes and precious scholarships clutched in their hands, the children seemed a microcosm of the 100,000 children across India who are receiving scholarships from Amma.

Presenting the scholarships, Shri. T. Ramakrishnan commented on the significance of Amma’s gifts to these children and to society in general. “In today’s society, the greatest poverty is lack of love. Even in the midst of wealth, we experience this poverty. Even though we are proud about all our material achievements, still we run here and there searching for mental peace. If unrest and conflict have become the curse of modern society, the root cause for this is the lack of love and faith. To restore that love and faith and thus restore peace in the world—this is the mission that Amma has taken. To those who are suffering, to those who are toiling, to them Amma has come as a consoling angel. Those students who are not able to study because of financial constraints, Amma is serving them the nectar of knowledge.”

Smt. K.B. Sreedevi, renowned Malayalam writer also shared her insights into the unique power of Amma’s message. “This is a moment where words are not necessary. After meeting Amma, when one’s heart becomes full, there is a scarcity of words… In order to make us understand who we are, Amma has given us a beautiful refrain: “my children.” This refrain can be interpreted in many ways. It contains eternity, the palpable sweetness of motherly love, and the intensity of responsibility. Addressing us in this way brings with it the possibility of throwing light in anyone’s heart—I know this. Amma’s voice creates an echo in our heart even after the sound diminishes. That is possible only for Amma.”

During both evening darshans, students from Amrita Vidyalayam performed various cultural presentations for Amma and the assembled devotees. One of the highlights was the dance performed by the hearing-impaired children of ASHIS. Unable to hear the music they were dancing to, they were guided by a specially trained instructor who used hand gestures to give them cues. Looking on, one never would have guessed that they were deaf to the music, as they danced for all the world like they were captivated by music—their hearts full of the song of Amma’s love.

– Tulasi