Around Amma 2016 Europe 2016

Come quickly, my darling children

26 – 28 October, Paris – Europe Yatra 2016 Amma’s previous visits to Paris metropolitan area were held at an arena in Cergy-Pointoise. This year, Amma’s program was in Paris itself, inside the Boulevard Peripherique. Her first program there, a Wednesday, was scheduled to begin at 11:00 am. But the lines of devotees waiting to […]

Around Amma 2016 Europe 2016

Amrita University gets UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality

UNESCO chair on gender equality and women’s empowerment for Amrita University 27 Oct, Paris, France – Europe Yatra 2016 During Amma’s programmes in Paris, France, the United Nations officially made Amrita University India’s first-ever UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment. The official bestowing of the UNESCO Chair took place before an audience of […]

Around Amma 2015 Europe 2015

Amma is the person who has touched my life the most

18-20 Oct, Paris – Europe Yatra 2015 The fourth stop on Amma’s 2015 European Yatra was in Cergy-Pontoise (near Paris, France). Every year on this tour some of the biggest crowds turn out in this city and this year was no different. Massive crowds came every day and filled the large hall awaiting their chance […]

Messages of Amma Nature Care

We will be able to transform this earth into heaven

Amma, who was invited for the daylong function by the Special Envoy for the Protection of the Planet of French President François Hollande, could not physically make it to the venue because she was concluding her seven-week American tour. However, an audio-visual address of hers was send. Here is the message: “Amma bows down to […]

International Forum Nature Care

Never ignore eco degradation, Amma tells Climate Summit in Paris

21 July 2015, Paris, France Amma stressed today the importance of employing a spiritual approach in checking global warming, cautioning countries across the world about the ill-effects of humanity’s continuing deeds against nature. “Ignoring the current environmental situation is like a man on the top floor of flats being indifferent to the fire on the […]

Around Amma Europe 2008 Europe 2010 Nature Care Photos Videos Yatra

Seed Bank in Paris

24 – 26 October, Paris, France – Europe Yatra 2010 From the Netherlands Amma’s European Yatra moved on to the capital of France, Paris for the next 3 days of programs. Green Friends France and AYUDH presented seeds for vegetables and flowers to Amma, which they had cultivated during “The Experience Week,” a summer workshop […]

AYUDH Green Friends

Youth meeting for a better future

la Ferme du Plessis, Paris From July 24th to August 1st AYUDH and GreenFriends welcomed in la Ferme du Plessis more than 150 youth from all over the world to propose two different approaches of the various dimensions of ecology. Entitled “Embracing Life – Living in the Respect of Nature”, the 6th European Youth Exchange […]

Around Amma Green Friends Yatra

Amma in Paris

Paris, France, 25th – 27th October 2009 Amma’s program was attended by an endless crowd. People from all over France lined up outside as long as to the street corner almost 1 km away. AYUDH, the youth wing presented the amazing ecological project called Babel that started in Amma’s French ashram in Pontqouin about 1 […]

Ashram Green Friends

Reforestation at the French Ashram

29 Oct 2008, France GreenFriends France taken up a reforestation project to make the French Ashram a place where devotees and visitors can get in touch with nature and develop a deep sense of unity with. The reforesting of the property is one of the steps which will help bring about this new perception. A […]

Around Amma Europe 2008 Videos

Celebration with Amma in Paris

Paris, France – 25 Oct 2008 With the humongous crowds Amma’s Paris programs this year were a literal celebration for the French devotees. Amma hit the headlines of almost all the media giants of the country such as  “France 3”, “Cap 24”, “LCI” “Canal+,” “Le Parisien”, “Direct Matin”, “20 Minutes”, “RTL Radio” and “France Inter”. […]