Amma was given Mahavir Award

London, 27 Oct 2008

British Member of Parliament, Lynne Featherstone, came to meet Amma. She said: “Amma has dedicated her life in helping others, Amma is living proof that equality and the belief that people should not be discriminated against due to their gender, race or cast is a universal one. Amma shows that a sense of equality is deep within every single one of us. Amma understands that we all need to find ways of respecting human dignity in each and every one of us.”

In name of  ‘The Young Indian Vegetarian Society’ Nitin Mehta said: “Lord Mahavir was the 24th teacher in Jainism who 2600 years ago preached Ahimsa and compassion to all living beings. Amma is also spreading the same message all over the world.”

Ramesh Mehta, The Trustee of the Hindu Council of Kenya, handed over the ‘Mahavir Award’ to Amma. He said: “On this very auspicious day, it’s my pleasure to present this very prestigious “Mahavir Award” to a very prestigious personality on this earth; the one and only Amma. Amma your love and compassion for all living beings is as deep as the ocean, you bestowd your grace on millions of people around the world. May your message of Ahimsa as taught in Sanatana Dharma inspire the whole world.”