Financial support for Idukki landslide victims

MAM to give Rs. 100,000 to Families of People Who Perished in Idukki Landslide

The Mata Amritanandamayi Math (MAM) will be providing Rs. one lakh to families in Kerala’s Idukki District who lost family members in landslides that struck the region in early August.

The fatal landslides in the region were triggered by one of the heaviest monsoon seasons in Kerala in 20 years. At one point, the district experienced 17 landslides within 24 hours.

“Amma was deeply saddened when she learned of the tragedy,” says Swami Jnanamritananda Puri, MAM’s sannyasi in charge of Idukki District. “She wanted us to reach out to them to show them that we are with them during this difficult time.”

The families will receive the money on the 27th of September during Amritavarsham60.

On the same day, MAM will be officially launching its 50-crore relief-and-rehabilitation programme for Uttarakhand, through which it will rebuild 500 homes destroyed in 42 villages in the region’s June 2013 flash-flooding. It will also be adopting 101 villages throughout India in order to make them self-reliant.

“Whenever the people of India need her, Amma is always there,” says Jnanamritananda. “It doesn’t matter which corner of the country. Amma has responded to disasters in Kerala, Gujarat, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharasthra. She feels the people’s pain as her own and reacts accordingly.”