Free Cardiac Surgeries, Kidney Transplants & Cancer Treatment at Amrita Hospital

In celebration of the 60th birthday of spiritual leader and humanitarian Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma), the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences (also known as AIMS or Amrita Hospital) in Kochi, Kerala, will provide 50-crore worth of totally free kidney transplants*, cardiac surgeries and cancer treatments to poor people throughout India. People living beneath the poverty line will be given first priority. Those interested can contact, by mail or in person, MAM’s headquarters or any recognized branch ashram of MAM.

Since Amrita Hospital’s inauguration in 1998, MAM has provided totally free care to more 26.2 lakh [2,624,672] poor people throughout India. For Amma’s 59th birthday in 2012, AIMS Hospital provided 200 free heart surgeries and 50 free kidney transplants.

MAM is an internationally recognized NGO that has had consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic Social Council since 2005. All of its charitable programmes are equally open to people of all castes, creeds and religions.

* Families will have to find the donors themselves.