Everything is revealed in a still mind

28 – 29 Jun, Chicago – USA YAtra 2011
Amma arrived in the city of Chicago to commence 2 days of public programs at the Westin Hotel and Convention Center.
Devotees came from far and wide to receive Her darshan and to celebrate the 25th year since her first tour of North America in the summer of 1987. The halls of the convention center were overflowing with devotees, many of whom had been waiting for over an year to see Amma again, many others who came to meet Her for the first time.
Amma said in Her satsang:
Just as food and sleep are essential for the body, a healthy diet of positive thought is necessary for the mind. If the brain commands the feet to stop when walking, the feet will stop; if it asks the hands to stop clapping, the hands stop. Similarly if we ask the mind to stop, will it stop? We should be able to stop the flow of thoughts in the mind- this is meditation. We do not try to still the mind. Everything is revealed in a still mind. To paint a picture that inspires the observer, to write a touching poem, to help a student concentrate on his studies for an exam, to help a scientist ponder the mysteries of the universe, this concentration is necessary.