Nature is doing a Tandava dance, create awareness

22 – 23 Jun,Dallas, TX — USA Yatra 2011
Amma held two days programs Addison, Texas at the Intercontinental Hotel and Convention Center.

Amma was welcomed to the city by Mayor Todd Meier who said: “Welcome, we’re so glad you’re here in Adison and thank you for connecting us to your world and to the world and letting us be a part of the wonderful work that you do. Thank you so much for being with us today.”

The local affiliate of the NBC TV Channel came to interview Amma about Her message to the world.
Amma said: “My life is my message. We are not isolated islands, we are connected to each other like links on a chain. Our actions influence others whether we are aware of it or not. We should not wait for others to change- we should change first. Today the world is on the verge of doing a Tandava* dance. In nature and elsewhere, there is an increase in Aveda – lack of knowledge. We should try to inculcate patience, love and awareness and try to do whatever we can for the world.”

Amma conducted the Atma Puja for world peace and harmony, devotees came together from across the south-western States and from around the world to participate in the ceremony.

Former acclaimed actress Divya Uni’s students performed a stunning dance for Amma during the Darshan.

* Tandava – usually refers to Lord Siva’s dance during the destruction of the creation