IAM & Satsangs in Lebanon

11 August 2008, Beirut, Lebanon

Since the beginning of May 2008, in the name of Amma, weekly satsangs had been taking place in Beirut. A multitude of general introductory meetings about Amma and Hinduism were also held in various parts of the country.

Apart from satsang, the other official activity held in Amma’s name in the country was IAM meditation classes.

Over the last 2 months, four IAM meditation classes were conducted in Lebanon, benefiting around 50 persons. The last class took place in the remote Hermel mountainous area, at an altitude of 2200 meters. The mountains, valleys and old trees there, offered a superb natural environment.

Zizette (50 years, computer programmer) is a regular to the satsangs and is practicing IAM daily.  “Amma’s presence, so nicely and so humbly introduced by her disciples, is a real blessing for all of Lebanon and a benediction to the world. I can feel my heart chakra turning fast and cannot act anymore but through this center that Amma’s teaching and energy activated so beautifully. With Amma’s spirit every moment is an experience towards liberation!”

Nisrine is a 30 years old teacher, who learned the IAM technique: “My life has been enlightened with Amma’s presence… I am visiting Amma’s websites regularly, and reading Amma’s books.”

Charbel (20 years old, student) has dedicated the last 3 issues of a newsletter he publishes, to Amma and Hinduism: “I found in Amma the living example of all the spiritual ideals and values I had known before. I am praying that she visits Lebanon soon.”

Guita (45 years old, Reiki healer in whose apartment the weekly satsangs are held): “I feel my house blessed to host Amma’s activities and spirit. I can strongly sense her wonderful energy all over the place. I love her photos! What a blessing!”


Click here to see the pictures from IAM meditaton classes in Lebanon

If you like to take part in Amma’s activities in Lebanon, please email  Amma.lebanon{at}gmail.com