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  • I AM Meditation Classes in 2008

    I AM Meditation Classes in 2008

    Photos of the I Am Meditation classes that where held in Lebanon and in Sikkim in 2008

  • IAM & Satsangs in Lebanon

    11 August 2008, Beirut, Lebanon Since the beginning of May 2008, in the name of Amma, weekly satsangs had been taking place in Beirut. A multitude of general introductory meetings about Amma and Hinduism were also held in various parts of the country. Apart from satsang, the other official activity held in Amma’s name in…

  • Religions must be separated from Politics

    A Re-Commitment to Spirituality for Building Mutual Understanding and Peace A Middle East-Asia Dialogue -Beirut, Lebanon, November 12-14-2006 Her Holiness Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s Message Om Namah Shivaya To the embodiments of Divine Love and the Supreme Self, Amma offers her salutations. Revered Aram I and distinguished dignitaries, let me first express my regret for…

  • Amma was in Lebanon!

    Amma was in Lebanon!

    12 – 14 November 2006 — Beirut, Lebanon Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi was invited to attend a Middle East-Asia Inter-religious Dialogue “A Recommitment to Spirituality for Mutual Understanding and Peace” organized by the Global Peace Initiative of Women in partnership with Catholicos Aram the First and held in Beirut, Lebanon from 12th to 14th…