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Amma in London: Tie our minds to God with the lifeline of devotion

(24 Nov '11)

15 – 17 November, London, UK – Europe Yatra 2011 Before traveling to London to conclude her 25th European Tour, Amma visited her center near Antwerp, Belgium. She spent the day there with local devotees and served a prasad lunch. From there Amma continued on to the United Kingdom and conducted a 3 day program […]

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To win the competition of Life remain within the boundaries of Dharma

(13 Sep '11)

Onam celebration with Amma in Amritapuri Friday, 9 September 2011, Amritapuri As always the Onam festivities began early in the morning in Amritapuri. The Pookkalam, Nirapara, Nila Vilakku, as well as hanging cluster bunches of bananas decorated the verandah in front of Amma’s room. At 9:30 am Amma was led into the large hall by […]

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When compassion takes birth, Sri Krishna is born

(24 Aug '11)

 Sri Krishna’s Birthday Celebrations 21 August 2011, Amritapuri At 4.50 am, on the Krishna Janmashtami day, the bhajan hall was echoing with the mantras of Lalita Sahasranama. The adjacent Kalari, filled with white smoke from the Homa Kunda. The celebrations of Lord Krishna’s birth had begun in the charged atmosphere of Amritapuri ashram. To celebrate Krishna […]

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By dispassion, we can outlive situations

(19 Jul '11)

10 – 13 July,  Boston, USA Yatra 2011 Amma arrived in Boxborough, Massachusetts where she held a days public program followed by a 3 day retreat at the Royal Plaza Hotel and Convention Centre in Marlborough. In the retreat Amma told her children that “if there is dispassion in your heart, you can certainly outlive […]

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Mind need maintenance; awareness is the alarm

(12 Jul '11)

6 – 7 July, Washington DC – USA Yatra 2011 Amma arrived in Washington DC, the capital city and political hub of the United States of America. She held programs over 2 days at the Hyatt Hotel and Convention Centre where thousands came to receive Her darshan. Many came to enjoy Amma’s bhajans and were […]

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Preserve water, fuel and future of our children

(8 Jul '11)

2 – 4 Jul, New York – USA Yatra 2011 Amma arrived in the heart of New York city, also known as the Big Apple, where she held a one day program at the Roseland Ballroom followed by 2 days of programs at the Manhattan Center with the final day falling on the 4th of […]

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Everything is revealed in a still mind

(5 Jul '11)

28 – 29 Jun, Chicago – USA YAtra 2011 Amma arrived in the city of Chicago to commence 2 days of public programs at the Westin Hotel and Convention Center. Devotees came from far and wide to receive Her darshan and to celebrate the 25th year since her first tour of North America in the […]

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