Japanese students help Raichur housing project

10 March 2010, Raichur, Karnataka

Sixty students from Japan’s IVUSA (International Volunteer University Student Association)   came from Tokyo to join Amma’s house construction project at Raichur in Karnataka.

They stayed for more than a week and started spending their days in hot sun helping the construction of the houses. Temperature touched above 42 degrees and many of the students and accompanying bramhacharis fell sick. Amma had sent them umbrella-hats to ward off effects of excessive heat.

Most of the students enjoied working at the construction site during this short visit. They even spent time with the local villagers and children, celebrating the Holi festival at the nearby village. During their free-time, they trekked to visit a Shiva temple atop a closeby hill.

As they arrived  in Mumbai and later in Delhi after their assignment,  all of them met Amma before returning back to their country.

When asked what they had to say about their visit, Yukie said “Incredible India!”.

– Tulasi

Amma to start an orphanage in Haiti


Br. Dayamrita with orphanage children of Haiti

9 March 2010, San Ramon, USA
Amma is starting an orphanage in Haiti in order to care of children who lost their relatives in the earthquake of 12 January 2010.
A four-story house rented in Laboulle, a suburb in the hills outside of Port-au-Prince, which is in the process  of being converted into an orphanage. The orphanage will initially assume care for 25 orphaned children.

Reports say that after the earthquake Haiti is now home to nearly one-million orphaned children.

Other Haiti relief-and-rehabilitation work includes the shipment of a container of medical supplies, which was sent two weeks following the disaster.  The supplies included assorted medications, surgical equipment, feeding and drainage tubes, assorted wound-care supplies, diagnostic supplies,     syringes, needles, sheets and blankets, drapes, tents, sleeping bags, face masks, obstetric and infant-care supplies, wheelchairs, crutches, braces, splints, protein powders, saline solution and disinfectants.


Br. Dayamrita with orphanage children of Haiti

Orphanage in Haiti will be its third such institution; the others being Amrita Niketan in Kerala, India (1989) and Amrita Watoto Boma in Nairobi(2009).

The new orphanage in Haiti is being developed specifically through the Mata Amritanandamayi Center’s Health Care Charities, Inc., and the Amma Foundation of Canada.

— Das

Amma will inspire others

February 17 – Bengaluru, Bharata Yatra 2010    `

The Chief Minister of Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa, was on hand today to receive the symbolic key of the first 100 houses built by MAM for the 2009 flood victims. Upon receiving the key from Amma, the Chief Minister in turn handed it over to the deputy commissioner of the Raichur district. The ashram is planning to build a total of 2000 houses in Karnataka. Earlier the Ashram had announced 50 crores for the rehabilitation of the flood affected area.

After handing over the key, the Chief Minister addressed the packed gathering on the Ashram grounds and said, “For people like me in public life and people living in urban areas with life’s tensions, Amma has come to shower Her Love. All over the world people wait for Amma’s arrival and Darshan like the proverbial chataka birds waiting for the rain.”

The Chief Minister said that the flood-affected areas have been severely damaged; millions of acres of crops have been destroyed, and more than 100,000 houses have been affected.  He commended Amma on setting an example of how to react to a crisis and how honored he felt to have the opportunity to meet Amma.

The Chief Minister shared with everyone how the MAM’s involvement with the government came about. ‘On 15th January MAM entered into an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the government. And within 20 days, Amma has completed 100 houses and the key has been handed over to me. I am grateful to Amma.  This will inspire other donors to complete projects with the same zeal and urgency.’

Prior to coming to the stage. the Chief Minister had an opportunity to meet with Amma privately.  In that meeting the local MLA, Miss Shobha Karandlaje, proposed that Amma set up a multi speciality hospital.

The Chief Minister ended his address by requesting AMMA to visit the flood affected areas and console the affected.


Help for the fire devastated in Manila slum

Manila, Philippines

On 16 January 2010, a slum in Manila was ignited in a massive fire, killing a five-year-old girl, gutting over 500 shanties and leaving 4,000 people homeless.

Br. Shantamrita and other volunteers accompanied Phillippines Senator Jamby Madrigal to Paco, Metro-Manila, to provide badly needed relief for over 1,000 families who had lost their homes in a wide-spread and devastating fire a few days earlier.  The impoverished families were now rendered homeless.  The volunteers from Amma’s organization in the Philippines distributed sacks of rice and food in the emergency shelter and at the site of the fire as well.

While the team made their way through the narrow alleys and pathways, the children shouted “Bro!” to Br. Shantamrita, identifying him with the character in a Filipino soap opera series where a young boy would call upon Jesus to enable him to miraculously heal, addressing Jesus as “Bro”.  Apparently, Br. Shantamrita’s appearance and kind demeanor made an impression and reminded Manila’s less fortunate that miracles begin with small acts of kindness.

While distributing the relief packets, Senator Madrigal expressed, “It is always gratifying to feel a part of this human family. With Amma as everyone’s mother, all people become our ‘sis’ and ‘bro’ “.


MAM to build over 800 houses for Karnataka flood victims

21 Jan 2010

Mata Amritanandamayi Math, under its rehabilitation project, ready to construct over 800 houses for the flood affected in North Karnataka.

MAM has started construction in four villages of Raichur District where devastation took place due to unprecedented rain from September 29 to October 4, 2009.

The villages, where the housing project has been taken up, were Kurvakuda, Manikigaddi, Kurvakala and Agrahara, located on an island on the river Krishna.

MAM is building over 800 houses on the mainland for relocation and rehabilitation of the villagers from the island to the mainland.

You may recollect that MAM has been extensively involved the relief work when the floods affected Karnataka and Andra Pradesh and had announced a 50-Cr relief package for the victims of this area.


Amma sends relief to Haiti

haiti earthquake15 January 2010

In response to the deepening crisis in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, Amma announced a plan to provide relief there. In the United States, volunteers based at M.A. Center are already rushing to assemble boxes of clothing and medical goods—surgical supplies, first aid kits,  and ambulatory aids like canes and walkers—for immediate shipment to Haiti.

Simultaneously, Amma has directed Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya to travel to Haiti with a small team of medical advisors to assess conditions on the ground. Br. Dayamrita’s team will explore avenues to make a meaningful long-term contribution to the recovery effort. 

In Amritapuri, Amma led several thousand people in a prayer for the peace of the departed souls, for those who have suffered injuries and devastating material losses, and for the mental strength and peace of mind of those who have lost their loved ones.

Rs 50-Cr. relief package for the flood affected

27 Oct 2009, Bangalore, Karnataka

Amma Tuesday announced that the Ashram will spend Rs. 50 crore (10.68M USD / 7.2M Euro approx.) for the rehabilitation of the flood-hit people in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Br. Abhayaamrita Chaitanya conveyed this in a press meet held at the Mata Amritanandamayi Math in Bangalore. Now Amma is Paris, as part of her annual Europe Yatra.

The Mata Amritanandamayi Math has taken up relief work in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh following the recent floods since 15 days.

A 37 memebr team of Brahmacharis, devotees and a medical team which include five doctors supported by a telemedicine van and an ambulance – are  already in the relief work in Bijapur, Bagalkot and Belgaum districts of Karnataka.

A team of 12 doctors and paramedics  are involved in the extensive relief work  of MAM in Kurnool and Mehaboobnagar districts of Andhra Pradesh.
In both these states, food, blankets, bed sheets, clothes and medicine have been distributed free to the victims.

Talking to the media persons Br. Abhayamrita said “the details of the villages where future relief activities will be taken up shall be decided after discussion with the government authorities.”

You may recollect that the MAM had carried out commendable relief and rehabilitation activities after the Gujarat earthquake of 2001, the 2004 Tsunami that struck the coast of South India and Sri Lanka, the Kashmir earthquake of 2005, the Bihar floods of 2008 and West Bengal floods in 2009.