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We want to thank you

(8 Nov '05)

5 – 7 November 2005 – Barcelona, Spain On the shores of the Mediterranean, a sea of humanity gathered at the Mar Bella Sports Centre in Barcelona over the past three days.  The crowds were so large that each day the morning darshan lasted until 5pm and then when Amma would return just 2 hours […]

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Amma in Toulon 2005

(4 Nov '05)

Amma visited Toulon, France from 4-6 November 2005 Bishop Vigile, Brother Martin and Sister Anne came from Monastere St. Michel du Var, an orthodox Christian monastery near Salernes, to have Amma’s darshan. Brother Martin said that he believes Amma is here to restore peace, love and other motherly qualities to mankind.  

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Amma visits Paris 2005

(27 Oct '05)

Amma visited Paris France from 27-30 October 2005

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Amma visits London 2005

(21 Oct '05)

Amma visited London in October of 2005 and held programs for several days.

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Famous in Finland

(20 Oct '05)

18 – 19 October 2005 — Helsinki, Finland After completing her programmes in Germany, Amma travelled to Helsinki for two days of programmes there. The programme venue, a renovated cable factory that now serves as an exhibition hall, was located next to a lake with downtown Helsinki on the opposite bank. When Amma arrived at […]

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Creating memories, collecting pearls

(17 Oct '05)

17 October 2005 – Kirchbrombach, Odenwald, Germany “Is there a white horse?” Amma wanted to know. She was walking around a horse ranch in Odenwald, Germany, a property where many Ashram retreats have been held. The morning was bright and clear, the air was quite cold, and Amma was wrapped in a pink hooded winter […]

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Many musical offerings of mannheim

(16 Oct '05)

13 – 15 October 2005 — Mannheim, Germany Whatever gift a child may offer its mother, she will treasure it with all her heart. The truth of this statement was made evident in Mannheim, where Amma’s devotees offered a diverse array of performances at her feet: a traditional tribal dance from Northern Kerala, a Malayalam […]

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