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Melting pot of Los Angeles

(26 Jun '12)

15- 19 Los Angeles, American Yatra 2012 Los Angeles is a megalopolis–it spreads for miles and miles in all directions; in one of those directions it engulfs Hollywood, Mecca to budding stars and starlets.  So is it any surprise that at Amma’s LA program, the second night retreat program included theatrical shows? As Amma was […]

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The family reunion at San Ramon

(20 Jun '12)

Jun 6- 13 San Ramon, CA – 2012 America Yatra San Ramon is home to Amma’s first American ashram.  While there are always new faces, there are also always lots of familiar faces. Children whom Amma fed their first solid food have grown up now and are coming to her for their weddings–or even for […]

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475 more houses at Raichur

(18 Jun '12)

17 June 2012, Dongrampura, Raichur, Karnataka As part of MAM’s relief and rehabilitation work for the flood affected in Raichur, 475 more houses were completed and handed over to the Govt of Karnataka. Swami Amritageetananda handed over the keys during the program which was attend by the Minister for Housing, V Somanna, District Collector Smt […]

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Walk your path; clean your way

(7 Jun '12)

2 Jun 2012, Seattle , USA Amma’s commitment to taking care of Mother Nature, being good stewards of our Mother the Earth, is not restricted to India {ABC news}. People all over the world are responding–including Amma’s children in the Seattle. On the second night of the retreat there this year, members of the Pacific […]

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It’s an honor and blessing to be in her presence – Bishop Gregory

(7 Jun '12)

May 31 – Jun 3 Seattle — Japan America Yatra 2012 After a 12 hour flight from Japan and Amma landed in Seattle to conduct four days of program at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue. Large crowds showed up for the public day and also for the retreat, where Amma was officially welcomed by the […]

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Shaken by Love, Dancing in Joy

(2 Jun '12)

May 27 -29  Tokyo, Japan — 2012 Japan – America Yatra Indian Embassy Deputy Head of Mission Mr. and Mrs. Sanjay Panda  welcomed Amma and said that this was his first meeting with her and he will cherish Amma’s embrace for the rest of his life. He lauded Amma’s vast humanitarian achievements and sought Amma’s […]

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Amma in Osaka, Japan

(2 Jun '12)

24-25  Osaka, Japan – 2012 Japan – America Yatra At Osaka, Amma was given a warm welcome at the airport and received her Japanese children in a loving embrace. The  programs were held in the Umeda Sky Building in the heart of Osaka.  The hall was full with many first-timers waiting anxiously for Amma’s arrival. […]

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