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Seed Bank in Paris

(29 Oct '10)

24 – 26 October, Paris, France – Europe Yatra 2010 From the Netherlands Amma’s European Yatra moved on to the capital of France, Paris for the next 3 days of programs. Green Friends France and AYUDH presented seeds for vegetables and flowers to Amma, which they had cultivated during “The Experience Week,” a summer workshop […]

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Cleanliness drive to usher in Kerala s 54th Birth Anniversary

(25 Oct '10)

Amritapuri, October 25th, 2010 MAM is to launch a cleanliness drive throughout Kerala on November 1, to create social awareness about humanity’s debt to earth and nature. Polluting earth is equal to injecting poison into one’s blood. The lullaby that we sing to Mother Earth—our foster mother, to whom we are as indebted as to […]

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Amma is a role model for all of us

(23 Oct '10)

19th – 21st October, Utrecht, Netherland — Europe Yatra 2010 In Netherlands Amma was welcomed by famous Dutch actress and former female kickboxing world champion Lucia Rijker. Welcoming Amma Mrs Rijker said “Her presence alone brings a oneness, an ideal world where we are one. Amma is a role model for all of us, to […]

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Amma in Ireland

(20 Oct '10)

16th – 17 October, Dublin, Ireland — Europe Yatra 2010 Amma’s program began on the 16th of October, which is also known as World Food Day. World Food Day was created to honor the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and is celebrated annually around the world. The devotees of […]

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Applauds for Love that includes anyone

(20 Oct '10)

12th – 14th October 2010, Milano, Italy The devotees of Italy welcomed Amma to Milano by expressing their heartfelt gratitude with their almost constant loving and cheerful applause. Each time Amma entered or left the hall, sang a bhajan, gave satsang, etc…the whole hall erupted in enthusiastic applause. Amma’s programs were held over three days […]

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Cleaning the surroundings, cleaning the mind

(16 Oct '10)

3 Oct 2010, Tokyo, Japan Every year, Amma’s Japanese devotees in Tokyo celebrate Amma’s Birthday with great festivity and ceremony. This year, however, they decided to add a new twist – cleaning up a public park. Ironically coinciding with Amma’s birthday message {news} about cleaning one’s community. The cleanup took place in Toyama Park of […]

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Navaratri Celebration photos

(15 Oct '10)

15 Oct 2010, Amritapuri Photos of Navaratri day celebrations at the Ashram

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