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Like a tree in the sun

(28 Apr '10)

26 April, Palakkad, Kerala — Bharata Yatra 2010 Amma’s third program of this month’s yatra was in Palakkad. The devotees were thrilled to see Amma, this being the one day of the year that Amma gives darshan in their hometown. There was supposed to be two days of programs, but as there was an all-state […]

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Be near Amma, be like Hanuman

(26 Apr '10)

19 April, Trissur, Kerala — Bharata yatra 2010 The day before the program in Trissur, Amma came to the roof of the Amrita Vidyalayam at around sunset. It wasn’t long before all the devotees and residents swarmed around Amma, like bees around a flower. After meditation, Amma asked the devotees to share a joke or […]

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Wonderful celebration in Kochi

(25 Apr '10)

23 – 24 April, Kochi, Kerala — Bharata Yatra 2010 After Trissur, Amma gave two days of programs at the Brahmasthanam temple in Kochi. Kochi is home to many of Amma’s institutions, including the AIMS super-specialty hospital and School of Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, School of Business,  School of Arts and Commerce, […]

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Amma in Trissur

(23 Apr '10)

20 -21 April, Trissur — Bharata Yatra 2010 In the two days of the annual Brahmasthanam festival in Trissur, thousands of devotees came to receive Amma’s embrace, hear her soothing words and soul-stirring bhajans, and partake in the group puja functions. As the sun above pounded down heat on everyone, Amma showered the coolness and […]

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Amma in Singapore

(22 Apr '10)

15 – 17 April, Singapore Amma graced the people of Singapore with Her presence April 15-17, 2010.  At the first evening program, Mr. Terrence Lee, Secretary-General, Loyang Tua Pek Kong, welcomed Amma to Singapore at the Chinese Taosist Temple (Amma laid the first brick for this relocated Temple in 2006). The launch of the partnership […]

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USA Canada Yatra 2010 of Amma

(21 Apr '10)

Buffalo May 25 State University of New York, Buffalo honoring Amma with an honorary doctorate in humane letters (This is a ticketed event with a limited number of seats open to the general public.  These tickets (which are free of charge) will be available from the University at Buffalo website sometime after May 1 and […]

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Amma in Sydney

(16 Apr '10)

12 – 13 April Sydney, Austalia Over the last 2 weeks Amma has been travelling extensively throughout Australia conducting programs and puja’s for world peace and harmony in the cities of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. In Sydney, Amma was welcomed by Amit Dasgupta The Consul General of India and Ms Lee Rhiannon – […]

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