Opportunity to serve the world is a gift from God

29 Oct , Munich, Europe Yatra 2009

Amma arrived at Munich after a long drive from Paris. The program hall is close to a very big BMW car office and one can see many cars being transported on trains from near the venue. As usual when Amma gives Darshan, Swamis sing bhajans on the stage and today a calmer mood of the tour seemed prevalent. Devi Bhava at Paris had been very crowded and many volunteer tour-staff still had some of the tiredness and hangover. As today’s program neared the end, Amma was seen talking to two Ashramites who were travelling with Amma. Both of them had a slightly unusual Seva as their routine during the tour. Their explanations had a touch of humor in it. Amma laughed while they shared their humorous story.

in the pic above: Amma sharing laughter with  children in Paris.

After they both explained their roles, Amma looked at both of them and said. “Children, what you do is Seva towards the world. One should treat this as the best of opportunities and not complain or misspeak of it. To be of use to this world and do Seva is a great chance. To receive the opportunity to do Seva and serve the world is a gift from God. Imagine a poverty stricken person who has nothing, being fed through this act. That(being able to feed the poor) is Amma’s intention.” Amma was so benevolently looking deep into their eyes as she said those statements. Her eyes spoke the words of compassion. As Amma sat in this “materially rich” place such as here in Munich, her thoughts and intentions remained on how to feed her many “materially challenged” (poor) children elsewhere across the globe.

As she finished her beautiful little discourse, Amma’s embrace turned more soul-touching to observe and every person who came to her felt a longer, closer and a more endearing hug. It was very late in the evening, almost 12 hours since Amma had first started in the morning. She had no break, no gap or not even a pause. While her children were complaining of their daily Seva, Amma patiently showed through her daily life while explaining that the very possibility to get a chance to offer to the world it is a gift of God.


Amma in Paris

Paris, France, 25th – 27th October 2009

Amma’s program was attended by an endless crowd. People from all over France lined up outside as long as to the street corner almost 1 km away.

AYUDH, the youth wing presented the amazing ecological project called Babel that started in Amma’s French ashram in Pontqouin about 1 hour away from Paris city.

Welcoming Amma to France they said: “We are very happy to present the Babel project, which is inspired by Amma. It is a GreenFriends initiative, we want to build a sanctuary for the bees.”



Rs 50-Cr. relief package for the flood affected

27 Oct 2009, Bangalore, Karnataka

Amma Tuesday announced that the Ashram will spend Rs. 50 crore (10.68M USD / 7.2M Euro approx.) for the rehabilitation of the flood-hit people in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Br. Abhayaamrita Chaitanya conveyed this in a press meet held at the Mata Amritanandamayi Math in Bangalore. Now Amma is Paris, as part of her annual Europe Yatra.

The Mata Amritanandamayi Math has taken up relief work in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh following the recent floods since 15 days.

A 37 memebr team of Brahmacharis, devotees and a medical team which include five doctors supported by a telemedicine van and an ambulance – are  already in the relief work in Bijapur, Bagalkot and Belgaum districts of Karnataka.

A team of 12 doctors and paramedics  are involved in the extensive relief work  of MAM in Kurnool and Mehaboobnagar districts of Andhra Pradesh.
In both these states, food, blankets, bed sheets, clothes and medicine have been distributed free to the victims.

Talking to the media persons Br. Abhayamrita said “the details of the villages where future relief activities will be taken up shall be decided after discussion with the government authorities.”

You may recollect that the MAM had carried out commendable relief and rehabilitation activities after the Gujarat earthquake of 2001, the 2004 Tsunami that struck the coast of South India and Sri Lanka, the Kashmir earthquake of 2005, the Bihar floods of 2008 and West Bengal floods in 2009.

Amma in London

London, UK, 21st – 23rd October

Amma’s London Program took place in the Alexandra Palace. Devotees from the United Kingdom and Ireland came to be in Amma’s presence. There were a lot of performances from people of different kind of  cultural backgrounds.

Sw. Purnamritananda holds pgms in Japan

Weekend Retreat in Mt. Fuji
3 Oct 2009
Swami Purnamirtanandaji’s retreat was held on the shore of Lake Saiko, one of the 5 scenic lakes at the base of Mount Fuji. In an area boasting some of the most pristine forests in the country, greenery and wildlife abound, and provide an ideal environment for people to refresh their body and mind. Over 100 devotees made the two-hour journey from Tokyo to spend the weekend with Swamiji to recharge their spiritual batteries in this idyllic setting. The retreat began with Swamiji’s class on the Mrityunjaya Mantra, followed by a class on Navaratri Puja. Retreat activities on the second day included archana, yoga, eco-meditation, and talks.

Program with volunteer students in Kyoto

Each year, over 100 students from Japan comes to India to join in Amma’s ongoing charitable activities. After the tsunami disaster, over 150 students joined in to participate in Amma’s reconstruction efforts. They also help during Amma’s visits to Japan every year.

The students invited Swamiji to give a talk in Kyoto, which is the headquarters of their activities in Western Japan. Swamiji spent over 2 hours with the students, starting with a spiritual discourse, and then conducting Q&A. The session seemed as though it would not end before the hall closed. The program was concluded on the final note that Swamiji would again return next year!

The students were also very interested in Amma’s new orphanage and school in Kenya and looking forward for an opportunity to take part in the project.

Program and morning meditation in Kanazawa (Hakusan)

13 Oct 2009

The Main Conference Room in “Hakusan People’s Exchange Center” was full to capacity and the air in the hall was thick with suspense, as the attendees were getting their first opportunity to hear Swamiji speak, that too on a very timely and intriguing subject – “How to Transcend Life’s Challenges.”

In am hour long lecture Swamiji spoke about elucidating how we can utilize life’s challenges to propel us even further and more rapidly on the spiritual path. He also emphasized the importance of meditation in developing inner strength, then conducted a flute meditation in order to give the program attendees an immediate experience of what he meant.

Swamiji’s flute meditations are extremely popular in Japan. It was followed with a Q&A session, and distributed prasad to all present.

Early the next morning, at 6:00 am, Swamiji conducted a guided meditation for the Kanazawa Ethics Research Society. The meditation was set in a very tranquil and scenic location: a hall nestled in the midst of a vast grape vineyard.

Create a world filled with Cooperation, Love, Truth and Justice

14 October, ’s Hertogenbosch, Holland – 2009 Europe Yatra

On the second night of Amma’s programs in ’s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, former President of the Jewish Institute for Jewish Values and former head of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, welcomed Amma to Netherlands. He praised Amma as a spiritual leader at the vanguard of spreading love and compassion throughout the world and officially released the first Hebrew book published by the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, a translation of Amma’s biography.


He began by telling a story: “When I was born, it was very deep in the War. And I am Jewish, and for people of the Jewish community it was dangerous—very, very dangerous. I was only a baby, but they didn’t want me to survive. Can you imagine that—that a baby is not allowed to live? They had to find a place for me where I could be safe. They carried me in a suitcase in which they had punched air holes so that I could breathe. They took me on a train. … If I had cried, they would have heard. But there was a miracle, and they didn’t hear any crying. They took me to a house and knocked on the door and asked the woman who opened the door if she would protect me. Did she have a lot of time to think about it? No. She did not have time. But she did it. She took me in with love, and I stayed alive. She was Catholic; she was German. So, for me, this means that if Amma brings people of different religions together it will save many human lives.”

Rabbi Soetendorp then praised Amma as being at the forefront of creating peace and harmony and a sense of unity in the international community: “Amma is at the vanguard in creating the type of brotherhood and sisterhood that makes it possible for every human being to be fed and for every human being to have a future. I am full of gratitude to Amma and her example.”

He continues, “Amma teaches us that we should, at least, start with tolerance. But then we have to evolve on to respect, and from respect on to love. When we do that, then all problems are solved.

Concluding, Rabbi Soetendorp said, “Standing here with Amma, I believe—with all my heart and all my soul—that we can together create a world filled with real cooperation, love, truth and justice. I pray to God in all his names to give us the necessary strength and love. I pray that he will protect Amma and bring the love’s physical presence in the world and that we will walk together and bring and feel God’s blessing.”

– Kannadi

Diwali with Amma

18 Oct, Mannheim, Germany – 2009 Europe yatra

Yesterday was Deepavali, the festival of lights. At home, Deepavali is celebrated as “the awareness of the inner light” and in bliss of the Divine Mother’s victory, whose grace can remove the darkness of ignorance.

Yesterday was special indeed in the mind of many. Through a little chat whilst Darshan was going on, Amma reminded us that the luminous inner light of the Self is ever shining steadily in the chamber of the heart and that the very goal is to seek that Self. The usual tour-cooks, Paul and Lavan and their team, had prepared sweets for Amma and all. They brought some very ‘sugared’ Deepavali sweets and a special less sugared version for Amma. Amma enjoyed both versions of the Prasad and blessed it by having some of both. Very special was that moment. The Prasad was then distributed to one and all by the very same hands that made them. On the door way leading out of the hall, people had sparklers(fireworks) in their hands while many others had lit candles. Amma touched every single person who had stood on the way on either sides as she walked out of the stage after a full night’s Darshan. It was around 3:30am. It is so very beautiful to be in this very presence of Light.

– Kannadi

Ammas North American Yatra 2009

Amma’s 2009 North American Yatra will occur between November 16th and November 27th.

San Ramon
M.A. Center, Castro Valley.

Public Program
Mon, Nov 16 (11am to 5pm)
Tue, Nov 17 (Programs begin at 10am and 7:30pm)
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Thu, Nov 19 – Sat, Nov 21
Devi Bhava
Sat, Nov 21 (evening)
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Mon, Nov 23 (evening only)
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Wed, Nov 25 – Fri, Nov 27
Devi Bhava
Fri, Nov 27 (evening)

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