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Amma is a blessing given by the Lord

(30 Aug '08)

“Amma is a blessing given by the Lord” – Bishop Thirumeni 29 August 2008 — Amritapuri Most Revered Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom, Mar Thoma Metropolitan—affectionately known as ‘Thirumeni’—paid a visit to Amritapuri on Friday. The bishop took a tour of the ashram, participated in the evening bhajans and then met with Amma in her room. […]

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Finding the balance in Life

(28 Aug '08)

On 22nd – 24th August 2008 The M.A. Center in Melbourne hosted AYUDH Australia’s first youth retreat by Bramachari Shantamrita Chaitanya. The theme of the retreat was “balance”.    It laid the foundation for lasting relationships, inspired vision and action. Br. Shantamrita discussed balance; how one can apply this concept in everyday lives. He also talked […]

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Sri Krishna: complete in all ways

(24 Aug '08)

24 August 2008 — Amritapuri “Speaking about Sri Krishna is like introducing one to one’s self,” Amma told the thousands of people gathered in Amritapuri to celebrate Krishna Jayanti. The day had been filled with festivities—Go Puja1 in the morning, a procession of young gopis, gopas, Radhas and Krishnas in the afternoon, uriyadi2 until the […]

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Swami to visit Asia and S.America

(22 Aug '08)

Swami Ramakrishnananda Puri is to visit the following countries where he will be holding satangs, bhajans and IAM meditation classes in the following countries. ASIA Thailand- Bangkok, September 4, 5- 5:30pm September 6- 9am-1:30pm- IAM Course, 2:15pm Swamiji Q & A Session Hindu Samaj, 137/1-2 Siriphongse Road, Sao Chinca, Bangkok- 10200 Contact: Mr. Deepak- 08-18275933 […]

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To serve those needier than her

(21 Aug '08)

Italy — August 2008 Through her example, Amma has inspired countless people to give back to the world in whatever way they can. Some contribute through donating their resources, others by serving in Amma’s charitable projects and institutions. In this way, not only is the world benefitting, but so too the volunteers, whose minds are […]

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Taking the Elderly for a Stroll

(17 Aug '08)

Helsinki & Porvoo Finland In the spring of 2008, Amma devotees in Helsinki began helping old people, taking residents of Kutaankartano, an old-age home, for fresh-air strolls. “The permanent workers do a valuable and heavy job with a very small number of workers. The volunteer workers can ease the nurses’ workload,” says Sami Kurko, the […]

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The Oxford Shower Project

(17 Aug '08)

Central Oxford, England Inspired by Amma’s vision of a world wherein everyone selflessly and compassionately serves their fellow man, devotees in England have begun running a public shower for the homeless in Central Oxford. Unlike in India, there are no temple ponds, rivers, or public taps were any one can bathe freely in England. The […]

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