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Amma in Milan, Italy

(30 Oct '07)

Oct 26 -29 Milano, Italy — europe Yatra 2007 Amma held four days program in Milno. Indian Ambassador for Italy; H.E. Mr. Rajiv Dogra, welcomed Amma to Italy. “The goodness of heart is the most important thing in life and in this respect I think Amma is unique, because by setting up all these hospitals […]

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Sri Narayana Jyoti

(28 Oct '07)

Today, hundreds of Ashramites gathered in front of the Main Temple to welcome the arrival of an ‘eternal flame’ from Sivagiri. Under the initiative of the Sri Narayana Guru Dharma Sangha, the flame has been visiting holy sites throughout Kerala for the past month. It arrived at Amritapuri on a platform mounted inside an elaborate […]

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When enjoying the creation, remember the creator

(25 Oct '07)

25 October, Europe Yatra 2007 — The Brenner Pass, Alps, Innsbruck, Austria Amma has been travelling across Europe annually for 22 years now. But until this week, she had never made a road stop with the devotees accompanying her on the tour as she regularly does during her India tours. It was during the 500-km […]

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Children’s hope, Postman s burden

(25 Oct '07)

For the past few weeks, the postman has been arriving at Amritapuri bearing heavy loads. Huge sacks of mail from all over India are coming to the Ashram on a daily basis. They are filled with the hopes of thousands of children. They are applications for Amma’s newly announced Vidyamritam project in which 30,000 children […]

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Amma in Munich, Germany

(23 Oct '07)

21 -23 October 2007, Munich, Germany – Europe Yatra Amma held three days of programmes in Munich. This marked the 20th year that Amma has visited the city. As Amma entered the hall for the first evening programme, she was welcomed on the stage by an orchestra complete with kettle drums and a choral group […]

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Durgapuja at Amritapuri

(21 Oct '07)

19 October 2007 Amritapuri Friday marked the beginning of the last three days of Navaratri during which Saraswati, the Embodiment of Knowledge, is worshipped.  Village children began arriving at the Ashram in the late afternoon to place their school textbooks and musical instruments on the temporary altar that had been set up on the stage […]

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Meals on wheels

(19 Oct '07)

13 October 2007 — ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Nederland “We used to have just a couple of gas burners, a few pots and pans and then go cook somewhere behind the building—often in the dark without any lights,” laughs Paul Sharma, reminiscing of the days when he and Lavan Jain first began cooking for Amma’s Europe Tour programs. […]

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