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The Cancer Institute

(31 Jan '04)

31 January, 2004 marked the much anticipated inauguration of the Cancer Institute at Amrita Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre, Kochi, Kerala The Cancer Institute is dedicated to providing fully integrated, multidisciplinary cancer treatment under one roof with state-of-the-art technology, having assembled a wide range of experts in all disciplines related to cancer, from […]

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Celebration of Amma’s birth star

(30 Jan '04)

30 January 2004 — Amritapuri Tonight is Kartika. As always on the night of Amma’s birth star, the ashram was alit with various lights and candles, in particular, the pathway Amma follows from Her room to the bhajan hall. Towards the end of the night’s set of bhajans, Amma surprised everyone by practicing a new […]

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Amma in Coimbatore

(25 Jan '04)

25 January 2004 — Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu The last stop on Amma’s South India Tour began today in Coimbatore, at the Brahmasthanam temple. These next three days will enjoy a Brahmasthanam Festival complete with the regular planetary pujas and archanas, and Amma’s bhajans, satsang and darshan. This evening’s programme began with the garlanding of Amma […]

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Amma in Karur

(23 Jan '04)

23 January, 2004 — Karur From the big city of Chennai, to the smaller, former French enclave of Pondicherry, to the even smaller town of Karur, traveling with Amma provides a truly cosmopolitan view of India. There is the continual shifting of surroundings, the never-ending flux of the multitudes from every conceivable walk of life, […]

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Pondicherry pours out to cherish Amma

(21 Jan '04)

An unexpectedly large crowd of Amma’s children came to see Her in Pondicherry. More than 37,000 darshan tickets were issued on Amma’s first visit to this former French colony, and darshan lasted until 9:30 am. Even after darshan was over and She was standing from Her peetham to leave, Amma remained to serve Her children […]

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Amma in Chennai 2004

(18 Jan '04)

Amma visited Chennai in January 2004

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Roadside satsang

(17 Jan '04)

Western children do have innocence, but it is just covered over with emotional scars.

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