Beautiful moments

A thousand people were singing along with Her, yet Amma seemed very much alone. She had lost Herself in the bhava of the song. Her cheeks became wet. The final time, the words came like a whisper.


Nobody is insignificant to Amma. Selfless service is the real Pongal. While you were doing seva, you were constantly thinking of Amma and that is the real Pongal.

In the Limelight

Continuing in a joyful mood, Amma asked two children traveling with the tour group to tell jokes over the microphone. With their innocent and funny remarks, the children spread smiles and laughter all around.

limelight image

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The collective observance of this and similar practices has a positive effect on both the ‘mental environment’, as well as the weather, climate and harmony of Nature in general. This is just one aspect of the subtle wisdom underlying these simple, elegant customs.

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