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Compassion is Amma’s own: Amma in Trichy

16 Feb – Trichy, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2016 The next stop on Amma’s Bharata Yatra was in Tiruchirapalli (Trichy) where Amma held an all night public program at the National College Grounds. Amma was welcomed to the city by Mayor Charubala, and the Union Cabinet Shipping Minister Pon Radhakrishnan. Welcoming Amma to the stage […]

Around Amma India 2007 Yatra

Living for others, hugging everyone with Love

25 January — Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu -Bharata Yatra 2007 Tirchirapalli, or “Trichy,” is an ancient city, rich in temples, culture and history. The holy Kaveri River flows through the city, and many Tamil Saints have done austerities and composed devotional songs here. Tonight, with the advent of Amma’s first darshan in the city, yet another […]

Sthala Purana

Legends of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu

Sthala Puranas of Bharat Tiruchirapalli (“Trichy”) is home to some of the most legendary and ancient temples in India, as well as to some beautiful stories and history. Here are but a few: Sri Rangam Temple & Uchi Pillayar Temple Perhaps its most famous temple in the city is the Sri Ranganath Swami Temple. The […]