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Proper yoga practices are like diving deep into the ocean

On International Day of Yoga, participants attending Amma’s Santa Fe retreat were treated to a special yoga session with Amma. “Yoga is not just physical movement, like going to the gym and exercising,” Amma explained. “Rather, it is yet another way to know God, the infinite power we truly are. Yoga is meditation. Just like […]

America 2018 Around Amma 2018

The world would have transformed to heaven

June 16-19, Santa Fe, New Mexico, America Yatra 2018 As has become almost expected with Amma’s annual visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico, the area was met with uncharacteristic rainfall up Amma’s arrival, showering the earth and blessing Santa Fe. According to the Tewa tradition, rain is seen as a beautiful gift from the ancestors, signifying […]

America 2017 Around Amma 2017

May we fulfill your dream for us

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA – June 12-15 Amma began the first day program with satsang and meditation. Before darshan began, Amma sang a bhajan and asked everyone to stand up and dance. Many devotees were wearing special buttons commemorating Amma’s 30th visit to Santa Fe. The second night of the retreat began with a […]

America 2016 Around Amma 2016

Amma in Santa Fe

18-22 Jun Santa Fe, New Mexico – America Yatra 2016 Amma held two days of public programs followed by a three-day retreat and Devi Bhava at the Buffalo Thunder Resort just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. During the retreat, there were meditation classes, talks with the Swamis, IAM classes, and a question and answer […]

America 2015 Around Amma 2015

Uphold the ancient tradition for future generations

20-23 June, Santa Fe, USA – America Yatra 2015 The first day of programs saw a larger than normal crowd and ended just past 6pm. After a short break, Amma returned to the hall at 7:30pm for satsang, bhajans, and darshan. On the first morning, four generations of Tewa Indian dancers performed a Winter Buffalo […]