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Amma – A role model for decision-makers in politics and business

29-30 October, Montessori Biberkor, Munich – Europe Yatra 2019 This was the second year Amma’s Munich program was held at the grounds of the Montessori Biberkor. As in the previous year, the grounds were overflowing with devotees who had come from all parts of Germany to spend the two days in Amma’s presence. Despite the […]

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It is to make humankind understand truth that God incarnates in human form

6 September 2015 – Amritapuri from Amma’s Sri Krishna Jayanthi message At the mere thought of Lord Sri Krishna, we feel an overwhelming joy arise within us. Even though it has been 5,000 years since the Lord incarnated on earth, his presence continues to shine in the culture and everyday life of the people of […]

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Sri Rama – an excellent role model of Dharma and values

Defeating adharma is not the foremost priority of avataras. Their primary goal is to nurture devotion in the hearts of humankind.