Around Amma India 2004 Yatra

A revolution in Rameshwaram

16 January 2004 – Rameshwaram It happened totally unexpectedly. Darshan had only ended a few minutes earlier at 9 in the morning and Amma’s caravan had just left the site of Rameshwaram’s Amritakuteeram site, adjacent to the darshan hall, only minutes later. Some of us chose to walk back to our accommodations, and a lucky […]

Around Amma Free Housing Yatra

They threw flowers

Thursday, 15 January, 2004 Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu The 108 families living in Amrita Kuteeram, Rameshwaram were very excited. Amma was coming to give a programme just in their neighbourhood. Only a year before they had been living in leaky huts thatched with coconut leaves, but–thanks to Amma–they now had simple but strong houses in an […]

Around Amma India 2004 Satsang Yatra

Pongal’s Sweetest Payasam

In Pongal festival different aspects of the Nature is worshiped, the Creation is recognized as the miraculous Divine.

Around Amma Around Amma 2003 Videos

Housing colony in Rameswaram

10 January 2003, Rameswaram Amma’s programme at this legendary island off the eastern coast of India is being held at Her newly constructed housing colony here. Part of Amma’s Amrita Kuteeram project, keys to 108 new homes, were given to homeless families this evening in a special ceremony. Sri Vidya Sagar Rao, The Honourable Minister […]

Sthala Purana

Legends of Ramanathapuram

Sthala Puranas of Bharat Ramanathapuram—or Ramnad—is located approximately 50 kilometres from the island immortalized as “Rameswaram” after Sri Rama’s army built a bridge from it to Sri Lanka in order to rescue Sita from the demon king Ravana1 . But Ramnad is not only significant for its proximity to Rameswaram. It has a rich spiritual […]