Around Amma 2019 Festivals

Independence day celebration and Raksha Bandhan with Amma

15 Aug 2019, Amritapuri Amma hoisted India’s National flag at the Ashram grounds today. As she walked to the stage through the line of devotees standing with small tricolour flags, the police and Military gave a ceremonial salute to the flag against the backdrop of National anthem. Amma then offered her pranams to the flag […]

Around Amma 2017

Tying Rakhi on Amma’s hand

On Raksha Bandan day people all around the ashram could be seen tying rakhis on one another. Usually, people tie them to the wrists of their brothers expressing their bond and affection with them. A few devotees even came and tied a rakhi on Amma’s wrist, as an offering of thanks for their ultimate bond […]

Ashram Life Festivals

Little ones tie Rakhis to soldiers

7 Aug 2017, Amritapuri Today is Raksha Bandan day. At the ashram, the little ones tied rakhis (simple handmade bracelets, usually made of thread) on the wrists  of soldiers  put thilak on their foreheads and offered them sweets.  This is traditionally a day when brothers and sisters and celebrate and honor their bond by tying a traditional rakhi […]

Around Amma 2015

Tying rakhi to Guru

Today is ‪RakshaBandhan‬ – a day when brothers and sisters and celebrate and honor their bond between each other by tying the traditional rakhi bracelet around each others’ wrists. In this way, the sister expresses her love for her brother, and her brother pledges to look after her in all circumstances. But the tying of […]

Nature Care

Vriksha Raksha Bandhan

18 Sep 2007, Amritapuri During the two festivals “Raksha Bandhan (or ‘Rakhi’)” and “Bhaidooj” sisters and brothers show their love and respect for each other by tying a thread around their sibling’s right wrist. This morning, over 400 students at Amrita University’s Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and BioTech Colleges had gathered to participate in a […]

Community Out Reach

Serve just one hour a day

10 August 2006 — Amritapuri Amma says that if everyone in the world were to spend just one hour a day in selfless service, we could change the face of the earth. Students attending classes at Amrita University have been taking Amma’s words to heart, and recently they started a collective called Amrita Sanjeevani, with […]


Rakhi: its meaning and significance

Raksha Bandhan is a popular festival celebrated across the country. Irrespective of caste and creed people from all walks of life participate in this festival. It is celebrated on the full moon day of the lunar month Shravana (Shravana Poornima) which also coincides with Upa-karma (changing the sacred thread for the brahmins, Avani Avittom in […]